Greta Mack Harris

Hinds County Court Judge – Subdistrict 1

On November 2nd there will be a special election for County Court Judge. Some of you may remember that I campaigned for this seat in 2018. The judge has since retired. I am asking each of you who supported me to go back to the polls. To the new residents of Hinds County, newly registered voters, and to those who may not have voted for me previously, I encourage you to learn more about how my experience makes me the best choice for County Court Judge.

Twenty-Five Years of Commitment to Justice

  • Office of Hinds County District Attorney – Assistant District Attorney
  • Office of Mississippi Attorney General – Special Assistant Attorney General
  • Office of the Hinds County Public Defender – Assistant Public Defender
  • City of Jackson – Community Prosecutor
  • Honorable Robert Gibbs – Law Clerk
  • Division Chief of Conviction Integrity Unit

I was raised in Western Hinds County where family instilled the importance of education, honesty, and hard work. Their foundation and unwavering commitment to providing for our family molded me for a career working to be just and fair. My success is credited to the love, encouragement, and support of my family. I am the proud mother of two sons and have three grandchildren. When I have time to relax, you’ll find me taking care of my garden.

I have been in almost every chair in the courtroom and not always as a lawyer. I have been a victim.  I have stood with family and friends as we plead for mercy in support of a family member or friend whose actions placed them in the defendant’s chair. Hinds County deserves a County Court Judge with legal expertise and real-life experiences.

Greta Mack Harris is a woman of compassion and of truth, who believes in doing what is right by all people.

Linda Buford-Burks

Former Publisher of HUSH Magazine

Justice delayed is justice denied! Let’s vote for change. Vote GRETA for Hinds County Court Judge on Nov. 2nd!

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